Save Money on Your Sunset Valley Electric Service with a Rebate Program

by admin on July 14, 2010

There are several ways to save on your monthly electric bill. Tax incentives from the Federal Government is one way to save on Electricity.  Energy efficiency as well as renewable energy Government incentives are availablein the state of Texas. Sunset Valley has a rebate program for energy and water conservation. Local Rebate Program for Solar Water Heating can get you 30% of the installed cost up to a maximum of $2000.

If the Government incentives are not available in your area you can still save money with a couple of simple energy saving tips. When you leave the house make sure that all electronic devices are off. Don’t forget to turn off your blu-ray player. When you turn off the TV does not mean the other electronics are off. When you leave your house turn your thermostat temp up in the summer.

As a consumer you should know all your options when you look for a electric provider. Texas Electricity Comparison help you the consumer compare several energy services without leaving out any of the cost except taxes.

It is easy to sign up with a new electric supplier. Type in your zip code in the comparison tool to the right of this article then click compare rates. Once you have done this you will see a list of electric rates starting with the lowest rates at the top. The tabs at the top can help you find the right plan for you. We recommend that you go with a fixed electric rate because that lock you in for the length of the plan. If you go with a variable rate it could go up the next month.

For info about Electric Rates in your area call 1-800-971-4020 or click here to go to our compare page.

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