Houston TX Electricity Plans for Beginners

by admin on May 7, 2011

I have lived in Texas for most of my life and never know about deregulation. Once I move to a deregulated area of Texas I was shock at how low my electric bill was the first month. The second electric bill came in and I was shocked. My bill jumped $30+ from my first month. I thought “oh no what have I gotten into.”

I started look around for more information about Texas electricity deregulation and found a couple of things that made sense out of the increase in my bill. I had signed up with a variable plan which can go up after the first month. I did not know that. I wish I had know it I would have saved myself over $60 on my electric service.

So I went back to the powertochoose.org and signed up with a different provider, but it happen again. I did what everyone told me to do and signed up with a fixed rate plan so why did this happen? The plan I signed up with had fuel surcharge. What the heck is a fuel surcharge? It’s a nifty little way to hide the fact I sign up with a “fixed-variable plan.”  When gas prices increase the energy company tacked on a fuel surcharge to my bill.

Everywhere I turn is seemed I was the most ignorant person about Houston TX electricity plans until I visited Texas Electricity Comparison’s website. I called them and they help me find a rate with no hidden fees or charges that fit all my needs. Here is the phone number;


Once I sign up with a fixed Houston, Texas electricity rate I was set.

Texas Electricity Comparison’s compare box can show you what Houston TX electricity providers have to offer you. The plans seen on the chart have all the fees and charges averaged in so all you have to do is choose which one is right for you.

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