Reliant Energy Doing Its Part for Earth Day and Arbor Day

by Michelle on May 21, 2011

Even though both Earth Day and Arbor Day have already passed it is important to notice Reliant Energy for doing its part in honor of the green holidays.  The company gave green gifts to a number of Texas cities in honor of the days, including Edinburg, Corpus Christi, and McAllen.  Reliant Energy provides electricity services to these Texas cities as well as others but both residential and business energy consumers have the option to have their electricity provided by other local companies as well.  Texas energy consumers who are interested in shopping around for cheaper and/or cleaner electricity should contact Texas Electricity Comparison at 1-800-971-4020 in order to make a complete comparison.

  • Reliant Energy gave away a total of approximately 80 trees to the Texas cities listed in honor of the Earth Day and Arbor Day holidays.
  • In addition the company gave away in upwards of 1,000 tree seedlings in order to encourage future tree growth in the same Texas cities.
  • Employees of Reliant Energy volunteered to plant trees in the different areas that the trees were given to.
  • More than 1.5 million customers are provided with electricity services by Reliant Energy, including both homes and businesses.

Many electricity companies these days are trying to find ways to do their part in protecting the planet and Reliant Energy is definitely part of that.  Trees and plants are a great way to make up for some of the carbon dioxide produced in the process of generating electricity and Earth Day and Arbor Day are both great days to remind people of this.  Although the 1,000 seedlings may take years to grow they will do their part to in protecting this very fragile planet.

If you are an energy consumer, residential or commercial, and would like to compare Reliant Energy to other Texas electricity providers you should let Texas Electricity Comparison help you because they can make it fast and easy.

Being able to choose between different electricity companies is a blessing but comparing is not always easy unless you let a company like Texas Electricity Comparison help you.


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