Electric Vehicle Chargers Being Installed by TXU

by Michelle on May 25, 2011

txu electricMore and more electric vehicles are coming out on the market these days which means more and more electric vehicle charging stations need to be installed.  A number of Texas-based electricity companies have already established contracts to install these stations and now the Texas-based TXU will also be a part of the widespread project.  AeroVironment has been chosen by TXU to handle the installation process of the charging stations in the Texas cities of McKinney, Fort Worth, and Dallas.  The first wave of electric car charging stations has already begun and more will soon follow.  TXU provides electricity to many Texas energy consumers throughout a number of deregulated cities.  Texas electricity consumers have a choice in whether TXU electric or another company provides service to them though so it is important to compare the different companies in order to get the best rate.  Curious consumers can do this by using the Texas Electricity Comparison website’s comparison tool.electric car

  • Last week the first of the TXU charging stations to be installed in McKinney was installed in front of the public library.
  • TXU plans to install a total of ten to fifteen charging stations between the three Texas cities that they are having them installed in.
  • The McKinney and other charging stations are being paid for by TXU but being installed by AeroVironment, which is a California based company.
  • All of the charging stations being installed by TXU and AeroVironment will actually be owned by the respective cities that they are installed in.

Other electricity companies are also having charging stations installed throughout the state of Texas as a way to contribute to accommodating the new trend in electric vehicle use.  AeroVironment has actually been selected by another Texas electricity company to handle their electric vehicle charging station installations as well.  That company will be installing approximately 140 stations compared to TXU which is installing only 10 – 15.

Energy consumers interested in learning more about TXU electric and their services can compare them to other companies by calling Texas Electricity Comparison at 1-800-971-4020.

Texas Electricity Comparison can help you see if you can save money on your monthly energy costs.


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