First Choice Power for a Better Earth

by Michelle on May 31, 2011

There is a large number of Texas electricity companies that are offering greener energy to their customers and some are charging the same rate for the greener energy, if not even less.

First Choice Power is one such company and they are offering what they are calling the First Choice Power Simply Better Earth Saver Plan.  According to the company the plan consists of 100 percent renewable energy, but the best part is that they are offering it for the same price as other energy options.

Many companies charge a bit more for renewable energy due to the fact that it requires additional equipment to be bought and installed, but First Choice is not one of those companies.

Texas electricity consumers who are interested in an energy plan that offers renewable energy can compare Texas electricity company rates by visiting the Texas Electricity Comparison website and speaking to a comparison expert.

  • Customers who enroll in the First Choice renewable energy plan have the luxury of being guaranteed the same 12-month fixed rate plan as customers not enrolled in the plan.
  • First Choice Power is the fourth largest out of a number of Texas electricity providers.
  • First Choice is offering this new plan in response to the growing number of energy consumers that are becoming more environmentally conscious.
  • Because Texas is a deregulated utility state energy consumers can switch energy providers at any time they choose.

Electricity costs are high these days so it is nice to have the option of choosing a company that offers a good deal and some bonus incentives.  Although there are a number of Texas electricity companies that do this the difference in First Choice is that they offer incentives plus green energy for a great rate.  This is exactly what people want out of their electricity service provider so Texas residents may want to compare First Choice Power’s rates to other Texas electricity companies.

Call Texas Electricity Comparison and they will do the comparing for you.

A quick call to 1-800-971-4020 to speak to a Texas Electricity Comparison consultant may be able to have you saving in no time.


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