Texas Wind Farm to be Built in Hansford County

by Michelle on June 6, 2011

Likely you have seen wind farms popping up all over the place in recent years because it is a great way to generate clean and renewable energy.  There are a number of wind farms currently operating in the state of Texas and it will not be long before the state can add another to the list.  DeWind Co., a California based business owns the project and has enlisted a company in Chattanooga, Tennessee to design and construct the wind turbines to be used on both the wind farm in Texas as well as another wind farm in Oklahoma.  The wind turbines will actually be built in the Round Rock, Texas.  With so many wind farms popping up everywhere it is no surprise that electricity companies are more and more starting to offer alternative energy options to their customers.  Some of these companies do charge more for their renewable energy though so it is important to compare the rates of each of these companies.  Texas Electricity Comparison can help you compare rates either by using the website comparison tool or by speaking to a comparison expert.

  • The wind farm that will be built in Hansford County will have the ability to produce a total of 20 megawatts of electricity.
  • As of right now it is predicted that the wind farm will be ready for operation around the end of this year.
  • The Oklahoma portion of the project is expected to produce considerably more electricity with the first phase producing approximately 80 megawatts of electricity.
  • The Texas wind farm and the Oklahoma wind farm combined will offset a significant amount of carbon emissions, totaling 142.5 tons, and will power in upwards of 30,000 residences.

Electricity TexasThe wind farm being built by the DeWind company in Texas will produce a significant amount of electricity.  The carbon offset is only one benefit of using renewable resources for electricity but one that is well worth the money spent alone.

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Texas Electricity Comparison can not only help you find renewable energy but the cheapest renewable energy available too so you can do your part and save money too.


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