Austin Energy One of the Companies to Sell the Most Renewable Energy

by Michelle on June 16, 2011

With so much concern about the environment these days’ electricity companies are being urged, if not altogether pushed, to generate and sell renewable energy.  Some states are requiring a certain amount of electricity to be generated from renewable sources while others are providing electricity companies with incentives.  Either way there is a huge shift beginning in where and how energy is produced and an Austin, Texas based company is leading the way for the state.  Austin Energy is being recognized as one of two companies that are selling the most renewable energy, along with Portland General Electric.  A number of other western-based energy companies are on the same list as Austin Energy but not ranked nearly as high as the Austin-based company.  Energy consumers can shop around for renewable energy as well as cheaper rates by comparing the many different electricity companies that Texas residents and businesses have to choose from.  The Texas Electricity Comparison web comparison tool can help you make the decision as to which company you should let supply you with your electricity based on the rates and the type of energy the companies offer.

  • Austin Energy used both landfill gases and wind to generate the renewable energy that the company sold in 2010.
  • The company voluntarily sold 754 million kWh worth of renewable energy last year.
  • The second highest sales of renewable energy that came from Portland General Electric totaled much less than Austin’s, at 587 million kWh.
  • Austin Energy provides electricity to a large portion of energy consumers both in and around the city of Austin.

Many electricity consumers these days seek out companies that produce at least some of their energy from renewable resources which is likely part of the reason for so many electricity companies offering it these days.

Energy consumers who wish to compare the rates of companies offering renewable energy should contact Texas Electricity Comparison at 1-800-971-4020 to find out how.

Texas Electricity Comparison has all the information you need to make a smart decision regarding your energy provider.


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