El Paso Electric Stocks Hit Highest in a Year

by Michelle on June 18, 2011

At a time when the economy is not altogether healthy it can be a bit of a surprise to see the stocks of an electric company go up significantly but stocks of El Paso Electric have hit the highest they have hit in a year.  Although the stock only went up a small amount it is still a positive sign to see it going up at all.  It is unknown how, if at all, it will affect customers of the company that serves both Texas and parts of New Mexico but other companies are raising their rates so it is important to periodically compare energy company rates.  This will ensure that you are paying the lowest amount possible for your electricity supply.  The El Paso Electric Company is involved in all three phases of electricity service including generation as well as transmission and distribution.  Texas residents and businesses have multiple options regarding electricity companies and should shop around for the cheapest rates they can find because the market is extremely competitive right now.  This makes it a buyer’s market but as with anything buyers must beware and make sure they really are getting the best deal.  You can do this by visiting the Texas Electricity Comparison website and using the online tool to compare electricity rates.

  • El Paso Electric Company is sighted has having multiple strong points which are likely the reason for the company doing so well.
  • El Paso operates basically three different types of power plants which include coal power plants, natural gas power plants, and nuclear plants.
  • There is a $1.3 billion market cap on El Paso Electric.
  • The 52-week high for El Paso stock was $30.96.

El Paso Electric is doing well despite its low net income growth.  Hopefully some of the company’s good fortune will be passed along to its customers in the form of lower rates but considering many companies are increasing their rates it is unlikely.

To find a lower rate compare rates by calling Texas Electricity Comparison.

Texas Electricity Comparison allows you to compare energy companies hassle free so make the call to 1-800-971-4020 and find out how much you can save today.


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