Oncor Energy Customers Could See Rate Increase

by Michelle on June 22, 2011

A number of Texas energy companies are seeking rate increases and the most recent proposal was filed by Texas-based Oncor Electric Delivery.  The proposal was filed with the Texas Public Utility Commission and is expected to eventually be approved, possibly even as early as the end of May.  Even though many Texas utility companies are raising their rates this does not necessarily mean that you have to pay more for your electricity.  Texas is a deregulated state which means that energy consumers can choose whichever utility company they want and can switch at any time.  Since deregulation there have been numerous companies that have begun to sell electricity so shopping around is a bit more difficult, although the savings can really be worth the hassle.  There are more hassle free options for comparing energy rates though so consumers do not have to search though the phone book and call all of the local utility companies.  Just a simply call to Texas Electricity Comparison at 1-800-971-4020 can have you comparing rates and choosing a different electricity company in no time and with no hassle.

  • There is expected to be a monthly increase on electricity bills for Oncor customers of about $1.60.
  • Approval for the Oncor rate increase could come as early as May 26th.
  • Previously the rate increase was expected to be much higher, at $2.35 extra per month for Oncor customers.
  • The rate increase, if approved, will come in two separate stages that will occur on July 1st and January 1st of next year.

Obviously utility and electricity companies have to raise their rates in order to maintain current and implement new technology but that doesn’t mean that consumers have to like it.  Those consumers who feel as though they are already paying too much for electricity should compare electricity company rates.

Texas Electricity Comparison gives consumers two simple ways to compare energy rates so there is no reason not to do it.

Visit the Texas Electricity Comparison website to find out how much you can save on electricity rates.


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