CenterPoint Transmission Lines May Stretch from Harris County, Texas to Fayetteville

by Michelle on June 15, 2011

A recent proposal for a project involving CenterPoint Energy is stirring up agitation for certain Texas residents.  The project, which has been approved by the Energy Reliability Council, involves building transmission lines that would stretch from Harris County to Fayetteville nearly 60 miles away.  Residents of the areas that would be affected sight such issues as the noise produced by the lines and the intrusion on their land as being the reasons for opposing the project.  According to CenterPoint Energy, though, the newly built transmission lines could help lower the cost of electricity in and around the Houston area.  Electricity consumers in Texas, whether in Houston or in Harris County, have the option of choosing an electricity company from a rather large list of suppliers because Texas is a deregulated utility state.  Before choosing a company though it is important to compare rates by contacting Texas Electricity Comparison and speaking to a comparison expert.

  • The towers that would be built by CenterPoint for the transmission lines could be anywhere between 116 to 150 feet in height.
  • The Energy Reliability Council has approved the CenterPoint project despite the fact that they feel it is unnecessary.
  • Even though the Energy Reliability Council has approved the project the Public Utility Commission will have to see CenterPoint’s plans prior to finalizing approval.
  • Hundreds of local residents have been attending meetings to discuss the transmission line project.

Although eventually the need for more transmission lines will eventually arise residents of the areas that will be affected by the CenterPoint project do not feel that it is necessary at this time.  In addition the Energy Reliability Council has also pointed to a lack of need for the additional transmission lines but the approval was given regardless.  CenterPoint points to the lowering of energy costs as being one reason for going ahead with the project.

Before deciding if CenterPoint is the right energy provider for you call Texas Electricity Comparison at 1-800-971-4020.

Speaking to a Texas Electricity Comparison representative can mean making a smarter energy provider choice.


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