Collin County Home First to be LEED Gold-Certified

by Michelle on June 18, 2011

With more and more people expressing their concerns about the environment than ever before it is no surprise that energy companies are offering greener options and housing builders are building greener homes.  Now Collin County, Texas has joined the group of areas boasting innovation in the “green” sector.  A home was recently built in Collin County that is the first in the area to be LEED Gold-certified.  What this means is that the homes’ designers incorporated a number of green projects into the design of the home.  Some of the greener solutions the company incorporated help to hold heat and cool air in the home, keep emissions out of the home, and use energy more efficiently.  This is not only a great way to help protect the environment but also a great way to help homeowners save money on monthly energy costs as well.  Not everybody has the money to have their home remodeled or a new home built though, but fortunately Collin County energy consumers have other options for saving money on their monthly energy costs because Texas is a deregulated utility state.  This is why it is important for energy consumers who want to make a switch to contact Texas Electricity Comparison at 1-800-971-4020 to compare different electricity company’s rates.

  • The new LEED Gold-certified home in Collin County, Texas also scored 49 out of a total of 100 on the Home Energy Rating System.
  • LED lighting is used throughout approximately 75 percent of the Collin County home.
  • The construction of the Collin County home produced much less than the usual 20,000 pounds of waste produced during home constructions.
  • A high efficiency water heater was also installed in the home which will help reduce energy use.

The newly LEED certified home in Collin County has a number of energy saving technologies but the best way to save on energy costs is to pay a lower rate for electricity.

In order to compare rates energy consumers should contact Texas Electricity Comparison.

Texas Electricity Comparison allows consumers to compare energy rates quickly and efficiently so you can possibly start saving quicker too.


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