Electricity Bill Payment Assistance Being Offered to Reliant Customers in Nueces County

by Michelle on June 19, 2011

With the price of gas increasing as steadily as it has been many energy consumers have found themselves with considerably high electric bills this past winter.  In many states there are programs that low-income families can sign up for to help them cover the cost of high winter heating bills, but during the summer months there seems to be much less assistance offered.  Individuals who live in warmer states often find themselves just as uncomfortable during the hot summer months as those who live in colder states find themselves during the winter.  And fortunately for Nueces County residents in Texas somebody thought that they should have assistance with their electricity bills too.  Reliant Energy is allowing some customers a payment assistance option in order to battle the rising cost of electricity that is so persistent these days.  This is likely welcome information for those Nueces County residents having trouble keeping up with their energy costs.  Energy consumers can also benefit by comparing the rates of multiple electricity suppliers by calling Texas Electricity Comparison at 1-800-971-4020.

  • Texas energy consumers have the option to compare electricity rates and switch to the company that offers the lowest rate and best plan, with no penalties.
  • Approximately $800,000 has been set aside in a fund to help assist Reliant Energy customers who qualify with their energy costs.
  • Reliant also sponsors a program to help seniors stay cool during the summer months by encouraging them to stay in the facilities during high-temperature hours.
  • Reliant Energy serves Nueces County as well as other Texas counties so there may be similar programs available in other areas.

The electricity industry is one that makes a significant amount of money every year.  It is nice to see some of these companies give a little back to the community.

Many programs are available through different energy companies that can help beat the burden of high energy costs.  Let Texas Electricity Comparison help you compare the different companies offering service in your area.

Consumers who call Texas Electricity Comparison have that much better of a chance of finding cheaper electricity.


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