Dallas Texas Electricity | Old Game New Strategies

by admin on November 12, 2011

Dallas Texas ElectricityIn Dallas, Texas, energy companies have been fighting over customers for over 10 years. The game has remained the same but the players and strategies have changed.

In the past you would see lots of companies advertizing the variable rate plans which are a great deal lower than the fixed plans. As consumers have gotten smarter the companies have switch to other tactics to lour customers in.

Ambit Energy started to offer customer “free electricity” if you could sign up enough customers. It was the reason for the company’s growth but once customers realized it was another “get rich” scheme (pyramid scheme) they quickly change.

People might be thinking “that is what every company is doing.” The big wigs at the top are getting rich while the little guys at the bottom pay for it. This is true. Ambit can save people money on their electric bill just like the next company.

Green energy plans sounds great but once customer compare the prices it does not take long to see why they are not getting as many sign ups as other plans. It is a PR ploy to make people think they care about more than just making loads of money.

Are Smart meter going to be the way of the future? I would say yes. Even though prepaid plans are high the poles and wire companies will want to install smart meters to better understand the market.

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