Houston Energy Rates and Companies Review

by admin on December 25, 2011

Houston Texas electric companies have been offering you competitive energy rates all year. TXU and Reliant have been battling it out over customers while smaller Texas energy suppliers have been taking their piece of the pie.

Why Should You Compare?

The only reason you should compare is if there is a lower price electricity plan available in your area. If you are happy with you company why go through the hassle of checking into every Texas electric company.

If you are like me you don’t have time to go to every Houston, Texas electricity provider’s website to shop for electric rates. That is why Texas Electricity Comparison offers the compare chart.

If you type in your zip code and click compare you will see several Texas electricity companies’ rate plans.

It is not easy to know which plan it right for you. We recommend signing up with a fixed rate plan. If you sign up with a fixed rate plan you do not have to worry about the rate changing. Most people I have talk to about variable rate plans complain about rates raising after the first month.

We do offer no-deposit plans for you if you have a smart meter installed on your home. If you do just click the “No-Deposit” tab on the compare chart to see the rates offered by Houston Texas electricity companies.

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