TXU Energy wants you to understand no variable plans

by admin on January 7, 2012

TXU Energy does not offer variable plans. These types of rate plans put you at risk of losing money. With several Texas electric companies taking advantage of you the customer by raising variable rates significantly after the first month. It is no wonder why TXU wants you to be informed about variable rate plans.

Variable rate plans are not all bad.

Like every service you pay for you need to understand what exactly you are paying for. The price for variable rate plans compared to fixed and no-deposit rate plans is simple, variable is lower than the others. You could get caught paying more after the first month when the rate you signed up with has changed. In most cases, you will be paying more than the fixed rate you could have sign up with. If you are going to watch your rate closely or only need electricity for a month, then a variable rate plan is not bad.

TXU Energy has done it research and knows that customers are feed up with variable rate plans. TXU wants to offer you options so it came up with a three-tiered electricity plan. This plan offers you the ability to save money on your electric bill by using less electricity during peak demand.

To see TXU Energy’s rate plans visit txu.com.

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