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by admin on January 26, 2012

If you need your lights turned on but you don’t know who to sign up with read this article I wrote.

I cannot tell you which light company is best in your area because things change from zip code to zip code. I can tell you what I know about the different rate plans on the market. There are three basic light company rate plans: fixed, variable and prepaid (no-deposit). Each plan has different options for you to choose from.

The lowest price for a light company is a variable plan. Most variable plans go up after the first month so be sure to check your bill if you sign up with variable plan. There is not contract with variable plan so you can switch from company to company without worrying about paying cancelation fees.

Fixed rate plans are higher in price than variable plans. You don’t have to check your bill each month when you sign up with a fixed rate plan. The rate you sign up with is the rate you will be paying until your contract ends. The cancelation fee for a fixed rate plan varies from light company to light company. For the most part the fee is around $200.

Prepaid plans, or no-deposit plans, have been coming down in price. The price is still higher than most fixed and variable rate plans but it is coming down. No-deposit plans can still be considered a variable plan but there is differences between them. Variable plans you don’t have to have a smart meter to get. Prepaid plans you don’t have to have a deposit.

Each plans type gives you options for your home or business but I caution you to fully understand what your are signing up for.

Compare all plan types in our compare chart.

Type in your zip code, select plan type and click compare to get started. If you are a commercial customer, call 1-800-971-4020 to speak with a Texas energy consultant.

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