7 tips to lower your electricity bill in the summer

by admin on May 21, 2012

Summer months are here which means electricity costs are going to skyrocket. You will be looking for anything to lower your electric bill. Here are some helpful tips I use to save money.

1. Take cold showers

It is really refreshing to take a cold shower in the heat of summer. Taking a cold shower is not enough to save energy. You will need to turn off your water heater. You can always turn it on when you need hot water.

2. Turn up your A/C

I leave my A/C on 78 during the day and 75 at night. I also turn it off when I’m gone. Closing air vents in unused rooms keeps cost lower as well as turning the air up.

3. Eat cold meals

I love Boar’s Head sandwich meat. By not using the stove or oven you save on energy. If you cook a hot meal it heats up your house causing your A/C to run costing you more money.

4. Unplug everything

Unplugging you phone charger and other electricity devices reduces phantom loads of electricity. Phantom loads of electricity are caused by devices which use electricity even when the appliances are off.

5. Replace Air filter

A dirty air filter can cause your A/C to run inefficiently. Air filters don’t cost much and replacing it take but a minute.

6. Use EnergyStar

My wife and I could not afford to buy all new electronics. When our washing machine broke we bought EnergyStar. The savings from EnergyStar products outweigh the extra cost.

7. Turn of the lights

My mom would go around the house counting how many lights were on but not being used. If the number was larger than the number of people in the house she would take away my allowance. Turning of the lights is the simplest tip and everyone knows to do it.

I hope these tips help you save money. My wife and I used them in our first apartment and our bill never got above $40 a month. Leave me a comment if you have an energy tip you would like to recommend.

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