Energy Plus Scam

by admin on June 2, 2012

If you are looking for an energy provider and you see the word “scam” by its name, a red flag should go up. Do research to find out the “scam” details. Ask people claiming Energy Plus is a scam because of a 50%+ increase on their bill. The internet is full of crazy people who don’t think about what they say.

Energy Plus has always been a good company. It offers low price electricity rates for consumer in New York, Texas and other deregulated states. The company is known for treating its employees well. Why are people saying it is a scam?

Many of the complaints are from former employees which should raise another red flag because they may have been fired. People who have ever been fired from a job would know not to write a review bashing the company the next day.

The variable rate was a common thread between everyone calling Energy Plus a scam. When you think about rates can go up that is why it is call “Variable.” Did the prices go up 50%+? You can find a couple of examples of electric bills but again it is a variable plan.

You should always find out your electricity plan details before signing up. Don’t call companies “scams” unless you have the proof to back it up.

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