Opt-Out Program for Smart Meters

by admin on June 29, 2012

Many Texas residents want a smart meter opt-out program to avoid charges, health issues and invasion of privacy. The PUCT Interchange is filled with letters from censored residents.

Residents don’t think it is fair to be charged for something they did not ask for. A small advanced meter TDSP charge is on Texans’ electric bills.

Most people are pushing for an Opt-Out Program. It is considered the best option for those who want privacy.

Opt-Out vs. Opt-In

Opting out means people pay less for something they don’t have to have. Opting in means paying more to get something you want. Some think it makes more sense to have an opt-in because not everyone will be informed about Smart Meters and the added cost.

Health issues associated with smart meters’ RF Radiation along with invasion of privacy makes up most of the letters the PUCT has gotten.

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