Smart Meters Invasion of Privacy

by admin on June 28, 2012

Smart meters report usage wirelessly to an electric supplier every 15 minutes. This data can be used to determine the number of people in the home and what type of devices are being used. Many residences want smart meters removed from their homes because of this potential invasion of privacy.

Consumers can visit to see their electricity usage online. Users will need their ESI ID and smart meter ID to create an account.

It is possible to look up ESI ID numbers online using Smart thieves could get people’s ESI ID number and the smart meter ID with little trouble. They then could study habits to find the best time to strike.

It is also a concern prices could change based on the time of use. It costs more to generate electricity during the summer months due to heat. If this happens prices will be higher from 1pm-6pm because of the higher demand.

TXU Energy has already created plans to allow consumers to save money during different times of day. TXU started a “free nights” plan where consumer pay around 11 cents kWh during the day and nothing from 10pm-6am.

Other Texas electric providers could offer plans where price changes during different times.

Texas residents have written several letters requesting the Public Utility Commission offer an opt-out program for smart meters.

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