Health Issues Associated with Smart Meters

by admin on June 27, 2012

Many Texas residents are worried about health issues that smart meters can cause. Smart meters omit low levels of RF radiation. According to the, smart meter RF radiation is less than most household appliances.

None the less, Texans are concerned even the low levels of RF radiation will affect the health of those already suffering fomr other ailments. The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) has gotten several complaints about the mater.

“I have not consented to your possible damage of my body parts nor has my 92 year old mom who also lives here” Joyce Gregory told the PUCT in a letter.

Pierre Robert, a pediatrician also sent a letter expressing his concern. Roberts said “The lack of communication between Oncor and their hired contractor, Metadigm, has resulted in Smart Meter installation in the neighborhood and direct neighbors even after commitments from Richard Sorell (Oncor Consumer Affairs) and Don Perfect (local Area Manager for Oncor) and others on May 22nd, that this would not occur until a decision was made on how to protect vulnerable individuals.”

There are several things consumers can do to protect themselves from RF radiation like RF Shielding. It is costly but the only option at the moment for residents.

Residents are calling for an opt-out program. Chances increase for opt-out to be made available to Texans as more letters come in.


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