You Need To Have An Energy Efficient Home

by admin on September 24, 2010

Today many people are aware of our environmental impact on the Earth. With soaring gas prices, we quickly realized natural resources aren’t unlimited and we need to find alternative ways to conserve and produce energy. The news of global warming and green house emissions has really awakened Americans. We all realize we need to do our part to conserve the Earth and keep pollution levels as low as possible.

Single family homes contribute to a large amount of the pollution on Earth. All the energy we use in our home everyday is produced by the burning of fossil fuels. Often times we switch on a light and think nothing about it, or leave the television on while we are gone all day. We have to be mindful that energy isn’t magic and it cost us money and pollution. To help the environment many people are making their homes energy efficient.

Energy efficient homes are simply homes designed to prevent the waste of energy. They are built with the importance of saving energy and using as little energy as possible. There are many aspects to an energy efficient home such as appliances, windows, doors, and insulation. Be mindful that your home doesn’t need to be a new construction to become more energy efficient.

3 Ways To Make Your Home More Efficient

  1. Powering your home with solar energy is a great way to be more efficient. Using solar energy (energy from the sun) will keep your home running without using fossil fuels to power it. This will dramatically lower your utility bills.
  2. Using only energy efficient appliances will help cut energy usage. Through out our home there are several appliances we use regularly so it is a great way to lower your energy usage and utility bill by upgrading to energy efficient appliances.
  3. Changing your light bulbs to energy efficient ones will really lower your energy usage. There are tons of light bulbs all over your home. This may seem like a small change but it can really add up! This is an inexpensive way to lower your utility bill and help the environment.

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