Save On Your Home Energy Cost

by admin on September 25, 2010

Going green is the new wave of the future. And many people want to do their part to save the environment and use less energy.

It is very important to the environment that we lower our pollution levels. Scientists have observed a dramatic change in the environment due to the burning of fossil fuels. We now fully understand the effects on the Earth due to our energy usage and needs.

If everyone does their part to save energy it can dramatically reduce our power consumption as a whole. There are many ways you can help contribute to the lowering of power consumption. Below are some tips on how to lower your energy usage and utilities bills.

3 Tips For Conserving Energy in Your Home

  1. When you aren’t using something turn it off. This simple thing can save tons of energy and lower your utility bill. Small appliances that you aren’t using should be unplugged. Even though the appliance may be off if it is plugged in it is still drawing energy. Be sure to turn off all the lights and television when you leave. When you leave a room, turn out the light. These simple acts can save you a lot of money and conserve energy.
  2. One of the leading energy users within our home is the heating and cooling system. A simple way to conserve energy is to set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature and leave it. Set your thermostat at 70 degrees in the winter and bump it to 72 degrees in the summer to help conserve energy and lower your cost. Check your air vents to make sure they aren’t blocked. Change the air filter in your until if necessary to get optimum performance.
  3. Changing your bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs will help save money and energy. Set your outside lights with timers so they turn on only when you need them. Using motion sensor lights is a great way to save on energy bills. Instead of leaving the outside light on the entire time you are away which could be hours, motion sensor lights will turn on just as you arrive.

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