You Need An Energy Star Roof

by admin on September 28, 2010

Most of us realize we need to be more energy efficient and lower our carbon footprint. The burning of fossil fuels to create energy is damaging our planet. We must lower our energy usage to help stop the damage to our environment. There are several common ways to lower our energy usage. Most people consider buying energy efficient appliances or changing their lighting, but often over look their roofing. Energy efficient roofing is not a common topic of discussion, but it definitely needs to be addressed.

Upgrading your home to a metal roof can cut up to 40% on your energy usage. This huge cut in energy usage is due to the savings on your cooling energy needs. The metal roof reflects the runs rays which in turn keeps your home cooler.

4 Reasons You Should Choose An Energy Star Metal Roof

  1. The most common reason is the amount of energy you will save which will lower your utilities cost. The most expensive utilities are those caused by your heating and cooling systems. With an Energy Star roof this can be lowered dramatically. The savings you will see in the long run will be dramatic.
  2. An Energy Star roof will add important value to your home for resell. People are very conscious of the environment and want to protect it. This type of roof will add value and desire to your home. It could be one of the main selling features to your home. No one wants a home that has unsightly utility bills so this is very appealing.
  3. It helps the environment. This could be the best reason to choose this type of roofing. We want our children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy this Earth just as we have so we need to preserve it to the best of our ability. This roof will dramatically lower your carbon footprint.
  4. There are many Energy Star metal roofs available that have a life time guarantee. Not only is this a huge savings on your utility bills, but it will save you in repairs. You won’t ever have to replace your roof. Roofing is a big expense so doing it right and doing it once is the ultimate reason to choose this type of roofing.

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