Do You Want A Better Understanding of Energy Star Appliances?

by admin on September 29, 2010

Most consumers are aware that Energy Star appliances are the better choice to standard models and they save energy. But often consumers don’t understand the higher pricing associated with these appliances. With the fast paced world we live in instant gratification is usually expected from everything we purchase. So paying more now for something is often harder for people to understand. People are often not aware of how much the appliance can actually save them on their utility bill either. The information below will help sort out all these questions.

3 Important Facts About Energy Star Appliances

  • What does the Energy Star Rating Mean? If an appliance has an Energy Star rating it means it has met the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that the appliance will use 10-50% less than non-rated models available on the market. Not only do these products save you tons of money on your utility bills they have several other features that endorse the higher price tag. Most Energy Star appliances are much quieter than standard models and produce less electromagnetic field emissions. To understand the efficiency level of the appliance you are interested in view the Energy Guide level.
  • What is the Energy Guide Level Tag? This label is required on almost all products available on today’s market. This label will help you understand how much energy you will be saving by purchasing this product. The label will show you the level of energy used by the product compared to standard models. This tag will have an annual estimate of how much energy the appliance will use. This will help you get a realistic grasp on how much energy you can save with this product.
  • Check for rebates. To help offset the cost of Energy Star appliances the government has offered several incentives to purchase these products such as tax credits and rebates. This is a great way to upgrade your home and lower your cost of buying an Energy Star product. The government understands the important of preserving the environment and wants to help consumers do this. Check with your local government to learn more about these rebates or ask your home improvement store.



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