What You Should Look For In An Energy Efficient Home

by admin on September 30, 2010

Buying an energy efficient home is very important to consumers. People are very aware of their effects on the environment and what they can do to have a positive affect. They want to know their home will be good for the environment and save them on utility bills. Even if you have an existing home there are things you can upgrade to make it more energy efficient.

5 Major Things That Should Be Energy Efficient In Your Home

  • Heating System. A home’s heating system is very important. It uses a large amount of energy and should be efficient. You can look for an energy efficient system or even better an Energy Star rated system. Having an energy efficient heating system can save you a large amount on your bills.
  • Cooling System. A cooling system is just as important as your heating system. Evaluate the age of your current system, if it is over 10 years old it is definitely not energy efficient. There are a wide variety of energy efficient cooling systems available to meet your needs.
  • Insulation and Windows. This is also a very important aspect of your home. To save money your home needs to tightly sealed and insulated to keep in your cooling and heating. Windows need to be efficient double paned and there needs to be an ample amount of insulation.
  • Hot Water Heater. Hot water heaters can be a real energy waster. They are constantly heating water using energy even when you are not using hot water. A tank-less hot water heater is a great way to lower energy usage because it only heats water as you need it.
  • Energy Efficient Appliances. Refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers use a lot of energy. All these appliances are available in Energy Star rated varieties.

These are some of the most important factors of making your home energy efficient. You want to be sure to check out these items thoroughly if you are purchasing a home. These aspects of your home can dramatically affect on your utility bill and housing cost so you want to make sure they are as efficient as possible.


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