How To Get A Low Dallas Electric Bill In Minutes With No Cost To You

by admin on September 25, 2010

When I lived in Dallas, a couple of years back, and my electricity bill was out the roof, I started trying some energy Saving Techniques. I tried turning off my A/C when I left for the day, but my bill stayed the same. I tried energy saving technique after technique and still my electric bill did not go down. I was sure that I was doing something wrong. So I decided to take a closer look at my Electric Rate. There it was. The electric company that I used at the time was charging me a high rate.
I called the Energy Company and told them what was going on. “You can’t charge me that. I sign up for a lower rate”  I told them. They told me that I was in a variable plan and that the Electric Rate had gone up. I told them “that is not right.”
So here I was, trying all the Energy Saving tips I could find, and the whole time it was the rate I was Paying for my Dallas Electricity. So what do you think I did? I said “see ya” to my old energy company and signed up with a Fixed Electric Rate. Now I do not have to keep track of the Electric Rate. I know exactly what it is going to be.
If you ever find yourself in the same situation that I was in (I hope you never do) you can go to to find the latest Electric Rates. Jeff, who works as an energy consultant for Texas Electricity Comparison, is very helpful and will be glad to help you find the lowest rate on the market. Give us a call at 1-800-971-4020 to get the latest info about Energy Companies Rates in Dallas, Texas.
You can also use the Zip Code Comparison Tool that is to your right. All you have to do is type in your Zip and click compare. You will see a chart with all the up-to-date Electric Rates for your area. Once you find the one you like all you have to do sign up right here on Texas Electricity Comparison’s website.

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