How to fight high electricity rates in Texas

by admin on October 26, 2010

Just last year, Texas experienced one of the coldest winters in history. Dallas and the East Texas area had about two feet of snow, and it didn’t just fall once.

Even south Texas got dumped on, which is obviously very unusual. Texans everywhere asked themselves why this was happening.

After much thought and research, I think I know the cause, and how to avoid such a brutal winter. I believe I’ve discovered how to have lower electricity rates in Texas. It’s all because of global cooling.

Think about it for a moment;  if leaving our cars running heats up the planet, causing global warming, then why wouldn’t the cold air have the opposite effect than that of hot air?

If everybody leaves their air conditioners on in their vehicles and homes with the doors open, that could potentially cool the planet at least by 15 percent, if not more.

That’s got to be what happened last year. Texans across the state figured it’ll never cool down outside, so their AC’s never turned off, and it spilled outside, cooling the environment, and causing it snow, and Texas drivers to panic.

The only ones capitalizing from global cooling are the Texas based energy companies, if the rates go sky high, and the electric rates in Dallas, Tyler, Houston, and all across the state could be bigger than the state itself.

So as this year’s winter approaches, please make sure you take proper precautions. Don’t let your AC make those on the outside cool. Don’t be using cold water, and definitely don’t spill cold liquids on the ground, because in the winter, liquids may freeze. This may cause serious injuries, and you certainly don’t want to be the one responsible for putting someone in the hospital do you?

This is something that we must take very seriously, and we must raise the awareness of global cooling. This winter, let’s fight the good fight together. Let’s take control of the weather.

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