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We all enjoy a nice, long, hot shower every once in a while after a long day at work or a particularly stressful week. This is perfectly fine if it is only every once in a while, but if you make it a daily habit you will soon see the consequences on your Dallas electric […]


That drip, drip, drip you hear in the middle of the night is more than just annoying; it is actually robbing you of your hard earned money!   A leaky faucet can fill an entire bathtub in one night and that is money that is just going down the drain, especially if it happens to be […]


Steps to Save on Houston Electricity

by admin on September 4, 2010

When was the last time you inspected the duct work for your heating and cooling system?  If you are like most people, it has probably never occurred to you.  However, duct work that isn’t sealed properly or has rips or tears in it can have quite a detrimental effect on your Houston, Texas electricity bill.  […]


Ways to Save on Your Dallas Electricity Bill

by admin on September 3, 2010

Water heating costs make up a good portion of your Dallas, Texas electricity bill.  Finding ways to keep this down to the bare minimum will do wonders to keep your power bill at a manageable level.  If you have the money to invest, consider installing a tankless water heating system.  The energy savings you will […]


Compare Electric Rates in Baytown, Texas

by admin on September 2, 2010

If you do not have thermal pane windows installed in your home, there are still things you can do aside from replacing them that will save you money on your heating and cooling costs.  Applying a plastic sheet to the inside of your windows can do much to keep cold air outside and warm air […]